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Infusion Device Analyzer

Introducing a new era of innovation

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Key Features

Ease of use

Large 10” touchscreen with an intuitive user interface

100x Faster

Achieve low-flow stable readings 100x faster than IDA-5

4 channel testing

Test up to four infusion pumps simultaneously

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Workflow automation

Simplify testing, enhance accuracy, and increase efficiency

The next generation
of infusion device analyzers

The IDA-6 elevates medical device testing, providing simplicity and efficiency. Trusted globally for decades in infusion pump testing, it lets you focus on protecting lives. Embrace the IDA-6 Infusion Device Analyzer for your organization today.

4-channel testing

Test up to four infusion pumps at once

Experience unparalleled flexibility and efficiency with the IDA-6 modular channel design. Tests up to four infusion pumps at the same time, ensuring continuous productivity and streamlined testing processes.

IDA-6 front with tubes
Circulated water through the IDA-6

IntelliPump Technology

No mess testing with a water recirculation system

The IDA-6 boasts user-friendly features, including IntelliPump Technology for effortless water recirculation during testing. Its intuitive interface and workflow automation make setup and comprehensive testing a breeze.

Modular channel setup

Modular design. Zero downtime.

The modular design ensures flexibility by removing individual channels for calibration without disrupting testing. No more downtime or sending the whole analyzer for maintenance.

IDA-6 with modular design
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Workflow automation software

With integrated OneQA software, running tests from the IDA-6 is fast and easy. Testing and documenting results is fully automated saving you valuable time while enhancing accuracy.


Learn more about OneQA

OneQA enabled

OneQA Enabled

Workflow automation made easy

The IDA-6 comes integrated with OneQA software. Testing and documenting results is fully automated saving you valuable time while increasing accuracy. OneQA allows users to customize pre-built procedures on IDA-6, results are automatically saved on the device with the option of syncing to your PC simultaneously. Completing your PMs has been simplified with our intuitive user interface.

Learn more about OneQA

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Workflow Automation

CostIncludedSpeak to a specialist
Electrical Safety Analyzers   
Defibrillator Analyzers   
Ventilator Analyzers   
Patient Simulators
Active Procedures5Unlimited
Pre-Built and Customizable Procedures
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Supports offline mode
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Standard Compliance Ready Test Reports (PDF)
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CMMS Connectivity--
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Customize Data Download--
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Permissions based on user roles--
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IDA-6 Datasheet


IDA-6 Getting Started Guide (multilingual)


IDA-6 User Manual


OneQA - Getting Started Guide (multilingual)



Flow and volume
Mean flow range0 – 3000 mL/h (steady flow), 0 – 1500 mL/h (peristaltic flow)
Mean flow resolution0.001 mL/h
Mean flow accuracy (after > 0.1 mL and > 10s)± (1 % + 0.005 mL/h) at < 500 mL/h, otherwise ± 2 %
Volume range0 – 100 000 mL
Volume resolution0.001 mL
Volume accuracy (after > 0.1 mL and > 10s)± (1 % + 0.003 mL) at < 500 mL/h, otherwise ± 2 %
Time range0 s – 1000 h
Time accuracy± (0.2 % + 0.2 s)
Time trig volume≤ 3 μL
GraphsInstant flow and mean flow with up to 1 s resolution (gradually reduced after 1 hour), IEC 60601-2-24 trumpet curve
Peak pressure range-200 – +2600 mmHg (-3.8 – +50 psi)
Peak pressure resolution1 mmHg (0.01 psi)
Peak pressure accuracy± (1 % + 5 mmHg (0.1 psi)), 50 ms moving average
Time to peak range0 s – 1000 h
Time to peak accuracy± (0.2 % + 0.05 s)
Time to alarm0 s – 1000 h
Time to alarm accuracyOperator dependent, manual stop button
Residual volume accuracy± (2 % + 0.01 mL)
GraphsPressure with up to 50 ms resolution (gradually reduced after 3 minutes)
Bolus and PCA
Bolus volume range0.01 – 100 000 mL
Bolus volume accuracy (after > 1 s)± (2 % + 0.01 mL)
Bolus flow range10 × base flow – 3000 mL/h (steady flow), 10 × base flow – 1500 mL/h (peristaltic flow)
Bolus flow accuracy (after > 0.1 mL and > 10 s)± (1 % + 0.005 mL/h) at < 500 mL/h, otherwise ± 2 %
Base flow range1 – 100 mL/h
Base flow accuracy (after > 0.1 mL)± (1 % + 0.005 mL/h)
Bolus duration range0 s – 1000 h
Bolus duration accuracy± (0.2 % + 0.2 s)
GraphsInstant flow with up to 1 s resolution (gradually reduced after 1 hour), numbered boluses
Back pressure
Range-200 – +600 mmHg (-3.8 – +11.6 psi)
Additional flow uncertainty± ΔP × 0.001 mL/h
Additional volume uncertainty± (test duration in hours) × ΔP × 0.001 mL 
Where ΔP is the average pressure difference between inlet and outlet, in mmHg.
Measurement units
PressuremmHg, kPa, psi, bar
VolumemL, g (1 mL = 0.998 g)
Safety standardComplies with IEC 61010-1:2010, pollution degree 2
Infusion device standardFor testing according to IEC 60601-2-24:1998
EMC standardComplies with IEC 61326-1:2012
Dimensions (w × d × h)295 mm × 210 mm × 260 mm (11.6 in × 8.3 in × 10.1 in)
Weight3.8 kg (8.4 pounds)
Operating temperature+15 – +30 °C (+59 – +86 °F)
Storage temperature-20 – +70 °C (-4 – +158 °F), when drained
Atmospheric pressure70 – 107 kPa, altitude up to 3000 m (10 000 ft)
Humidity< 90 % relative humidity, non-condensing
Power19 V DC, 3 A
Connectivity1 × USB-C for PC communication, 3 × USB-A for peripherals
Display10-inch multi-touch, 800 × 600 pixels
Data storage> 10 000 measurements
Channels1 to 4, depending on configuration

Compare Fluke Biomedical Infusion Device Analyzers

IDA-6 front view

IDA-6 Analyzer

IDA-5 Analyzer

IDA-1S Analyzer

Weight8.4 lb.11 lb.2.7 lb.
Battery operatednono
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Dual flow measurement
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Volume measurement0 to 100,000 mL0 to 9999 mL0.06 to 999 mL
Flow rate range0 to 3000 mL/hr (steady flow)   
0 to 1500 mL/hr (peristaltic flow)
0.5 to 1500 mL/hr0.5 to 1000 ml/hr
Onboard graphing of pressure and flow
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Number of channelsup to 4up to 41
Modular channels
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Closed loop flowIntelliPump™️
Priming required
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On-board automation
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OneQA integration
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Wi-Fi connectivityoptional


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